Sunday, April 12, 2015

Surprisingly Profound Kids' Art: Portrait of the Artist and Her Best Friends

Petunia brought this piece home from day care this week. It is a portrait of herself and her three best friends. The four of them have been friends since the toddler room, and the fact that she has such a tight group of friends at day care was one of the reasons we kept her there instead of moving to the transitional kindergarten that opened at Pumpkin's school this year. (That TK program is also only a half day, and they weren't sure that the Y was going to provide before and after care... so the friends weren't the ONLY reason.)

Anyway, the friends are drawn somewhat to scale. Her friend G, on the left of this picture, is very tall. From left to right, there's G, M, L, and then Petunia. L is indeed shorter than M and Petunia.

Portrait of the Artist and Her Best Friends
Artist: Petunia, age 5.5

Portrait of the Artist and Her Best Friends
OK, so maybe this one isn't all that profound, but it made me smile, so I'm posting it.

In other news, over at Tungsten Hippo I wrote about what I do when I finish a book I love, want to read, but am not ready to move on. Spoiler: it involves short ebooks.

Also, last night Petunia enlisted my help in building a home out of twigs for a tiny stuffed giraffe. I took pictures and tweeted them, but I'll be posting them over at Crappy Things I Made to Stop the Whining soon.

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