Saturday, September 19, 2015

Weekend Reading: The Day Late Edition

This post is a day late because I spent all day yesterday in LA. I drove up to give a talk, and then since I was up there, I arranged to meet several people for various reasons- including Tragic Sandwich because we just wanted to meet IRL. It was a great day, but it was a long day. I think I spent roughly 5.5 hours in my car. Hooray for my Prius: I still have 1/3 of a tank of gas.

I meant to prep the links ahead of time and post them from a coffee shop at some point during the day (like I did for the Tungsten Hippo quote), but that didn't happen.

Writing here isn't happening as much as I'd like right now. I got myself a wee bit overbooked right now, and am not finding as much time to just blog as I'd like. Things should ease up a bit soon- I just gave the talk that was one of the items filling up my schedule, I've got proofs back for Annorlunda Books' next publication (reminder: if you're interested in being an advance reader on this one, sign up here), and the renovations are asymptotically approaching done.

But for now, I'm pretty busy, and hobby blogging gets only the amount of attention I need to give it to keep myself sane. I do make notes on posts I want to write during periods like this, and eventually I have a burst of posts and probably over the course of  year or so it all evens out.

Busy or not, I do have a few links for you, so let's get to them.

Here's a nice review of Unspotted.

Speaking of Tragic Sandwich, I really liked her most recent post.

This is a pretty searing indictment of the white author who pretended to be a Chinese woman. I also saw reports that the name he chose was of a former classmate, which is just disgusting if that is true.

The internet after ad blocking. The ad blocking issue is a fight between tech titans- and content producers are collateral damage.

Here is a nice story about welcoming immigrants.

Why does gender neutral mean boy stuff is for everyone, but girl stuff is still just for girls? Ha ha ha. I know why. But why don't we work harder to change it?

What descriptions of future kitchens miss.

I don't have something funny to end on, but I do have something awesome: this photo of a bunch of moms in the Army breastfeeding.

Also, here's the story behind the cute purple girl dinosaur shirt I made for Petunia.


  1. It was great to meet you, too! And thanks for the shout-out.

    In the link to Jenny Zhang's article, I really like how she talks about delusional confidence. If I were to publish a book (and I desperately wish I had more time to write), I very likely would use a pseudonym. I'm doing that now, clearly. But my plan has always been to derive a name from my own family history--and from the white side of the family at that. I can't imagine appropriating someone else's struggle, even if that someone else was distantly related to me.

  2. I am in an airport! Again! Airport! (I am too tired to work...)

  3. Thanks for the compliment on my review for Unspotted! :D


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