Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Two Sides of Living in the Moment

Pumpkin gave me two notebooks for my last birthday: one small one of the style that I use for my daily to do lists and one larger one with sparkles on the front.
Sparkly notebook

It took me a while to figure out what to do with the second notebook, but I eventually decided to use it as something like a gratitude journal. I wanted something to help me remember to enjoy the day to day things in life, and on a bit of a whim I decided that I would write an entry in this notebook every night before bed with three things:
  • A short summary of the day
  • Memories I want to keep
  • What I'm grateful for
For instance, last night's entry says:

Work, a quick trip to Kohl's after dinner w/[Petunia], rugby watching after kids' bedtime.

Memories: [Petunia] carefully trying on every style of boot before selecting the front-runner choice (Frozen-branded boots). How nice it is to work in the new office in the late afternoon.

Grateful for: having enough money for these things

The first entry says:

Beach day with [Petunia's] day care buddies.

Memories: [Petunia] going "out deep" with [her friend]. [Pumpkin] building a big sand castle on her own. [Mr. Snarky] making a river with a bunch of kids. Sitting in the shade eating Doritos and chatting with [other moms]. Snuggles from [someone's adorable baby].

Grateful for: Friends.

As you can see, these entries are not long or profound. To be honest, I tried this because I wanted to show Pumpkin that I was using her gift. I didn't know if I'd keep it up. I still don't, but I can tell you that it is a surprisingly nice bedtime routine.


Monday, I had a dentist appointment. I hate getting my teeth cleaned. This is one time when I don't want to "be in the moment" at all. As I was lying there trying to not clench up while the hygienist scraped at something, I thought about how much nicer it would be if I could be reading the really interesting article I was reading on my phone right before the hygienist called me back.

And then I thought: I have finally found the killer use case for Google Glass.


  1. Alexicographer7:07 PM

    My endodontist offers something called Cinemizer -- you can google it -- and I once watched about 2/3 of Robin Hood while getting a root canal (a good thing -- Robin Hood, not the root canal per se, except that if one needs one...). Only problem is, movies run too long -- so, you're right, something with more flexibility would help!

    1. The kids' dentist has movies. My dentist just has bland classic rock...

  2. My dentist used to have this horrible looping video showing how dental implants worked. Luckily I think the video system broke down, because I haven't seen it in my last few visits.

    But I actually came here to high-five you about the Google Glass use case, and to tell a similar story: I recently discovered Amazon's "Dash" buttons and after a few minutes of being really creeped out by the whole idea, suddenly realized that there's a great use case for people who are elderly, disabled, housebound, etc. living independently. You could hook the buttons up to a family member's Amazon account, and then the person living independently can order additional supplies when needed but doesn't have to interact with the Amazon interface at all; the family members can keep tabs on the orders (and prevent multiple orders, etc.).

    I doubt that was what Amazon was thinking when they developed it, but it's an intriguing possibility.

  3. I really wonder why they can't just throw a screen up there with a movie, like they do for the kids. I know plenty of adults that are just as scared of the dentist (if not more so, since they may have a reason to be...) than kids.

  4. I once heard about a dentist who played Saw while performing dental work. His theory was that it was a really effective distraction from what was happening in real life.

    I do not want to go to that dentist.


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