Friday, September 11, 2015

Weekend Reading: The Mostly Lighthearted Edition

I have complicated feelings about September 11, but I do not think I could do justice to them if I tried to write about them. I'm going to ignore the significance of this date, and instead provide a mostly lighthearted list of links for your weekend reading.

The only serious link I have is to a post from author Patrick Rothfuss about a fundraiser Worldbuilders is running to help Syrian refugees.

This piece about hot chicken in Nashville is really good, and about more than just chicken.

The problem with Trillian - and with flat characters in general.

Paul Ford's article about how he's addressing the wage gap his daughter will face is really good.

I've written a lot about how writers get paid these days, so I'd be remiss not to share this article on the topic.

One of our Kiwi friends sent us this BuzzFeed post about New Zanada, and it made me laugh.

Ed Yong's article about the Homo naledi discovery is really great.

I'm busy working on the formatting of the next Annorlunda Books release, which is called Okay, So Look, and is a humorous retelling of the Book of Genesis by Micah Edwards. I wrote a bit about why I decided to publish this one in today's installment of Founding Chaos, and if you're curious, go read it (it is in the "Promos" section).

I won't reiterate it all here, I'll just say that this book easily met my stated publication criteria of "I like it, and I learned something." Actually, I really liked it. I think a lot of people will, if they'll give it a try, but that this is a book that might struggle to find its audience. Therefore, I'm hoping to get a lot of advance readers to help me spread the word. If you're interested, sign up here.

Don't forget I'm running a back to school sale until Tuesday.

I posted a new crappy thing I made: a "Disneyland Rocks" magic wand, made for Petunia, who is so excited about the upcoming trip to Disneyland (for her 6th birthday) that she made herself a crown, too.

Speaking of awesome little girls:

And with that, it is time for me to sign off and go pick up my two awesome girls from school, so we can head to the back to school picnic. Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. Anonymous6:35 PM

    I shared the wage gap article on my Facebook, because I found it very interesting.

    The first comment? A man who had to tell me how the wage gap exists, but is exaggerated. And largely due to women bearing children. Thanks, but... ::::sigh::::


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