Friday, September 29, 2017

Weekend Reading: The Birthday Party Panic Edition

We're gearing up for Petunia's 8th birthday party. She wanted a party in our backyard this year, which is sooo much more work than a party somewhere else. And she wanted a doctor theme, which was... interesting. I'm pretty pleased with how it has come together by there's a lot to do to get set up and ready!

I can't really believe my little one is going to be 8, but she is. She is delightful, of course. I realized this week that I want to keep writing "mommyblog" posts, but I need to think a bit about how to do that now that my kids are big kids, not babies or toddlers. I think the key is going to be to focus on my feelings and reactions more than what they're doing/saying, because the latter increasingly feels like it isn't my story to tell.

But anyway, this is a links post not a parenting post. So let's get to the links!

First and foremost, Wednesday was release day for Water into Wine. I wrote about it on Wednesday. You can also read a review at Fill Your Bookshelf (warning: some spoilers).

In other news...

Josh Marshall on the current state of the GOP "base" is really good.

Alexandra Petri on the GOP focus on taxes is brutal. It is brutal, but I think it is fair.

Read that previous piece in conjunction with this article from Bruce Bartlett, a Republican adviser who helped architect the Reagan tax cuts, on the fallacy of the argument that tax cuts spur growth.

Rebecca Traister's article about the right wing campaign to sour the left wing of the Democratic party on Elizabeth Warren and how that mirrors what they did to Hillary Clinton is really, really depressing. I hope people see through the Mercers' campaign this time, but I suspect they won't.

Yascha Mounk helped me better understand the German election. The Pod Save the World episode on the rise of the European far right was also really helpful (warning, that link will autoplay the episode).

This story about older Americans unable to stop working makes me sad. We are failing so many people.

These photos of scenes from politics and world events with all the men photoshopped out are striking and so depressing.

I found Erika Hayasaki's article on creativity and motherhood really interesting.

An improved breast pump isn't attracting any VC interest.

You've probably already seen Gemma Hartley's article about the emotional labor imbalance, but if you haven't, it is worth your time. As I said on Twitter, straight men can do their relationships with their partners a lot of good by reading it and really thinking about it.

It prompted me to finally just go ahead and post an article I wrote about balancing the suckiness and a time when that failed for us recently. I'd been trying to find a paying home for that, but decided to give up on that and just post it on my real name blog.

If you haven't seen Lt. Gen. Jay B Silveria's response to a racist incident at the Air Force Academy prep school yet, watch it now:

This picture.

A great DuoLingoism:

Click through and read this story:


And OMG baby kakapos are cute:

That's all I have this week. Next time you hear from me, the birthday party will be done....

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  1. Anonymous5:43 AM

    Yeh, that Hartley topic reminds me of my current workplace.....flipping sucks.
    Anon in Massachusetts


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