Friday, September 15, 2017

Weekend Reading: The Rushing to Get to a School Event Edition

We have a back to school social event at the kids' school tonight, so this post might be a little terser than usual as I cram to get everything done and wrap up work an hour early despite the fact that I went out to lunch (but to meet with someone about a work thing!) and decided that even if I didn't have time for a rollerblade, I could probably squeeze in a run.

So anyhow, let's get to the links.

Self-promo links this week:

  • I posted the cover reveal for The Burning, a novella by JP Seewald that will be out in early November. I'll have the call for advance readers ready by next week, I hope.
  • Don't forget that Water into Wine, by Joyce Chng, is available for pre-order now. Release day is Sept. 27!
  • Registration for Navigate the Path to Industry, my non-academic job search seminar closes MONDAY. If you or anyone you know has been procrastinating on signing up, now's the time to act.
  • A couple weekends ago, I tweeted about spending a huge amount of time creating a "party robot" t-shirt design for Petunia's upcoming birthday. Her shirt arrived in the mail this week, and we love it. So, the design is now posted on Etsy. I've got the children's and infant/toddlers sizes posted. I'm hoping to get the adult sizes up this weekend. And yeah, that's Petunia modeling the shirt in the children's posting.

And some friend promo:

Xykademiqz is having a flash fiction contest! Go enter. If I can come up with an idea, I'll enter. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to reading everyone else's entries.

If you're not familiar with flash fiction, here's an example. Or check out the @MicroSFF twitter feed.

Now, the other links:

I listened to the interview with Hillary Clinton on Pod Save America, and it is really good. In particular, the section where she talks about the threat to our democracy she shes in Trump and in big money donors like the Mercers is worth your time. And luckily, Tommy Vietor pulled that bit of the transcript out into a tweet:

Tressie MacMillan Cottom on the Trump presidency is excellent. It is a hard call between this and the Hillary Clinton interview for my "if you only have time for one thing" pick this week. The best I can do is say to read this and then read the short section of the Clinton interview above.

But really, you should also read Cathy O'Neil on Facebook, Google, and why we need them to be more transparent in order to protect our democracy.

And Zeynep Tufecki's NYT op-ed about the Equifax mess is spot on and also worth your time.

Joseph Williams was fired from his job at Politico after saying some negative things about Mitt Romney... and what happened next is sobering.

Now that Pumpkin has a phone (used to text me when she arrives at school, since the kids are now walking to school on their own), she is begging for Snapchat. The answer is NO right now, but I can tell that we're going to need to come up with a coherent plan for internet and social media sooner than I'd like. This post from Cool Mom Tech has some things for me to think about once I'm ready to tackle this topic.

Pumpkin loves kakapos, so this story about the kakapo sequencing project was a big hit in our house.

A disturbing example of how false things get made to sound true:


Also probably true:


That's all for this week


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