Friday, January 25, 2019

Weekend Reading: The Time to Buy New Rollerblades Edition

I went out for my first rollerblade of 2019. It was a beautiful day, and it was a wonderful rollerblade... for the first half of my skate. Right after I turned around to head back, I noticed my left skate felt weird. I looked down and saw that the front wheel was wobbling. When I stopped to investigate, I discovered that this was because one of the two bolts that holds the wheel in was gone. I couldn't find it anywhere nearby, so I skated on back with a wobbly front  wheel. I made it, but I got more of an ankle workout than I was anticipating.

So I guess I'll be shopping for some new rollerblades this weekend. This pair was never very good. I need to find a place that sells nicer ones.

On to the links:

I'm going to assume that if you want to read about the shutdown and our (perhaps temporary) reprieve from it or Stone's arrest, you can find things to read.

The only related item I'll share is this piece from Greg Sargent about how Pelosi has found a way to counteract Trump's nonsense.

Here's a good article about the city of Eureka returning an island to the Wiyot tribe.

Electric pickup trucks are coming. I think that's a very good thing.

And here's another good thing: It looks like the Ebola vaccine is working.

Derek Lowe had two posts of general interest this week: One on the fact that we have (finally, only now) figured out the mechanism of action of quinine against malaria, and one on a possible link between gum disease and Alzheimer disease.

In recommended listening; Krista Tippet reposted her interview with Mary Oliver, and I really enjoyed listening to it.

This is a good thread about our problem with the media giving serial liars the benefit of the doubt:


I wish I knew the source of this wonderful chart:

I love this:



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