Friday, November 01, 2019

Weekend Reading: The Is This a Cold or Not Edition

I may or may not still be fighting off the cold my older daughter caught at school. It never bothered her much, so maybe it just isn't a very bad cold. I don't know. I'm feeling run down and my nose is a little runny - but I also let my nose spray allergy medicine run out, so who knows.

I still went out for my rollerblade and am glad I did, but now I just want to lie down and not do much.

So this won't be a very long post tonight!

But I wanted to share this fabulous piece by Dahlia Lithwick about why she hasn't been back to the Supreme Court since Kavanaugh took his seat. And when I say "fabulous" I mean in it really captures some of the despair I feel in this historical moment as a woman, which is not "fabulous" at all, but the ability to articulate it is.

Continuing on in that theme a bit... here's another Slate piece that's really worth your time, about the bad faith of the people who took Rep. Katie Hill down.

This article about the new cystic fibrosis drug treatment is a reminder of the good that pharmas and biotechs do. We can - and should - critique the bad aspects of some pharma company practices. But we shouldn't lose sight of the benefits the industry brings.

This article about the effects of traumatic brain injury is beautifully written and haunting.

In recommended listening, I have two podcasts about the environment.

First, Matt Yglesias' discussion with Gretchen Goldman about clean air and particulates is really good and I learned a lot from it. I firmly believe that someday people are going to look back at the fact that we drive around in these machines that basically emit poison into the air we all breathe and feel sorry for us and our ignorance.

Second, Ezra Klein had an excellent interview about climate change with Kate Marvel that was sobering but also inspiring.

Sleepy bunny!

Happy weekend, everyone.

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