Friday, November 15, 2019

Weekend Reading: A Low Level Whine Edition

The Komen Three Day walk is this weekend in San Diego, so my usual rollerblading route was blocked off. I tried a new spot which was... not as a good. It wasn't even as good as my usual fallback spot, but I thought I'd try a new place because my usual fallback spot isn't great. Oh well.

I also lost two whole evenings this week due to a migraine. I went down with a migraine Wednesday after dinner (I was in bed before 8!) and I had the post-migraine fog Thursday. I made it through my work day, but wasn't up for much more.

I was supposed to be submitting some ads for the latest Annorlunda release! I'll do that this weekend. But you can buy the release now! The Boy Who Was Mistaken for a Fairy King came out on Wednesday. Here's a nice review at Tangent Online, and a nice (but spoiler-filled!) review from Fill Your Bookshelf. There are also some good reviews on the Goodreads page. You can get yourself a copy at the usual spots:
In other news:

My local bookstore is at risk of closing. Pumpkin is taking this news particularly hard and thinks I should buy it. I do not think I have the sort of cash needed to buy it! I hope someone who does have that sort of cash steps in and saves Mysterious Galaxy. It is a great store.

This article about what happens in small Texas towns when the local hospital closes is sad and infuriating. Medicaid expansion would help save those hospitals (among many other benefits).

I am somewhat tempted to go searching for crested saguaros after reading this article.

Josh Marshall's post on how the collusion never stopped - the GOP just got on board - is worth your time.

Once I saw a picture of Tufty the Triangular, how could I pick any other bunny for this week?

Happy weekend, everyone!

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