Friday, November 22, 2019

Weekend Reading: Thank Goodness for Time Off Edition

San Diego Unified takes the entire week of Thanksgiving off from school, and this year, I have decided to take the entire week off from work. I have just wrapped up work for the week and am now looking forward to an entire week off. I really need this break!

I started shifting into break mode with a really nice, if somewhat windy, rollerblade. It was my first outing of the season in long sleeves. We may even need to turn our heater on before too long. In preparation for that, we had the heater serviced and discovered that it is pretty much at the end of its life and we should replace it soon. It isn't dangerous, just increasingly inefficient. SIGH. There goes another chunk of money.

Anyway, on to the links. I don't have many, because I have been really busy at work and at home (hence the need for the break).

I found this interesting: a note from a TPM reader about the advantages of going ahead to the Senate trial without getting House testimony from the reluctant witnesses.

Good job, Seattle!  They saw the largest drop in single occupancy car commutes in the nation. I wish San Diego had done better on this metric!

Gretchen McCulloch's series on Weird Internet Careers looks really interesting and I hope to read all of it next week. I have only read the first post so far.

If you haven't listened to this clip of Dr. Hill at the impeachment hearings, you should listen now. It is very good:

In recommended listening:

Ezra Klein's interview with Elizabeth  Currid-Halkett about class and group membership was really good and thought-provoking.

Here is an awarding winning photo of bunnies!

And here's another bunny:

Happy weekend, everyone! I won't be posting links next week because of the holiday. I don't know if I'll manage to post something else since I won't be working. We'll see!


  1. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Love your stuff a lot, dear, but as to the Klein interview, I don’t think I can do it. Why? I’m a boomer and I’ve lived through all of it. I breastfed because I was actually astounded to learn in my adulthood that breasts are for something and not merely uh.. decorative. I listened to NPR because that’s where the interest and information was. None of it for its “marker” status. In fact in my world I had to keep quiet on all this sort of thing, or risk exclusion.
    Next came societal mockery. Oh those Chardonnay sipping NPR listening yuppies! On and on until now, the latest version, folks who know nothing of this, plan to inform me my choices are markers of elite status, not really my taste! Here I go advertising my superiority again, and hurting others in the process!
    I agree that as time’s wheel turns something simple at the the individual level, in the collective, can have negative outcomes. But, whether the podcast makes good points or not, this analysis sounds ahistorical and too painful for me to endure.

    1. It is actually a much more general conversation about how things come to represent identities and how class designations have come to encompass culture more than just income level. The guest is a professor who studies this sort of thing. I agree that Klein's description of this one is a bit off-putting. I almost didn't listen to it based on the title and short summary, but I ended up finding it really interesting.


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