Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Future Rugby Commentator

Pumpkin is having major issues with bedtime all of the sudden- Hubby isn't allowed to get her down, I have to nurse her (this is after her post-walk nurse and her post-bath snack)... It is too depressing to write about, actually.

So, instead I'll give you some vignettes from Pumpkin's viewing of last weekend's final Tri-Nations Rugby match between New Zealand and Australia. (It was a really good game, by the way, but that is not actually important here.)

As the All Blacks performed their haka, she slapped her hands on her arms, almost mimicking the moves the players were doing. However, although Hubby has been trying to teach her to stick out her tongue, she didn't join in that part of the haka. (You can find video on YouTube if you've never seen the haka and are curious.)

Whenever a ruck formed, she said "uh oh!", presumably because there was a pile of players on the ground. And what would they be doing there if they hadn't fallen over?

Anytime anyone lined up a penalty kick or a conversion she announced "BALL!!!"

And my favorite... at one point, a bit of a scuffle broke out after a lineout. Rodney So'oialo came running up to join in, and shoved one of the Aussie players. Pumpkin shook her finger at the screen, and said "no, no!" I suspect the referee said something similar.

We decided that she was about as eloquent as the usual commentator, and wondered if we should offer her services to Sky Sports.

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  1. Haha! Those are cute. I love that she wagged her finger and told him no! She's learning.

    My hubby has been trying to teach our little one how to sing "Hail to the Redskins" and I'm going to work on her putting her arms up when there is a touchdown. We've got to teach these girls to love the sports games while they are still young!


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