Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Much Better Day

Pumpkin's day care report today said that she was "Happy, Adventurous, Chatty, and Busy". And she had a "SUPER DAY!!!!" (that is a direct quote- and yes, I counted the exclamation points). She "used her words", and most importantly, didn't bite anyone. The day care teachers said she gave lots of hugs and "nice touches" today. As we were leaving, one of the other little girls toddled over to wave good-bye. Pumpkin motioned that she wanted down, so I put her down. Pumpkin gave the other little girl a big hug, and then said "bye-bye!" and waved at the entire yard full of kids and teachers.

Pumpkin and this little girl often hug goodbye, and Hubby says she and this little girl also gave each other big hugs this morning when he dropped Pumpkin off. Clearly, Pumpkin's made her first best friend and we need to set up a playdate!

She also slept really well last night- only up once, at about 2 a.m. I suspect this is related to the better day she had today. Of course, noting this connection may not be much help in our ant-biting campaign. If I could figure out how to make sure she always slept well, I would do it even if it made no difference to Pumpkin's day- it makes a huge difference in my day!

Hubby and I are going out tonight. Tim Finn, one of the guys from Split Enz, and a Kiwi superstar, is in town. Since it is well past his American heyday, he's playing at a nice, intimate venue. Hubby would have moped for weeks if I hadn't agreed to go. I'm hoping for another good night of sleep, so that I don't suffer too much tomorrow for the night out tonight.


  1. Good luck with the night of sleep! It's amazing how much better EVERYONE is when the child sleeps through the night.

    BTW, I followed your example and took a bath with my Pumpkin this evening, and she was so distracted by me being there (and my stuff) that she was very pleasant and not frustrating at all. Thanks for the idea!

  2. So cute that Pumpkin has a friend. I wonder what kids at that age bond over.

  3. I am glad to see you had a better day. I would love to send you a screener of the upcoming Baby Signing Time Volume 3 & 4 to review with Pumpkin.

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