Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another of Life's Little Mysteries

I was going to title this post One of Life's Little Mysteries, but the helpful type ahead feature in Blogger alerted me to the fact that I had already written that post.

Today's mystery is also about sleep... I want to know how Pumpkin knows when I have fallen asleep for a nap, and why she always chooses to wake up and need to be resettled into her nap within 10 minutes of that event?

Pumpkin and I are home today because she had a fever last night, and has a sore throat and cough today. She has the cutest little hoarse voice. I feel guilty for thinking it is cute, but I can't help it- it is! She also periodically says "ow" and points at her throat, in case I've forgotten that it is sore.

She is on part three of her nap now. After waking me up, she slept for another 45 minutes, then woke up again. She fell back to sleep on my shoulder, and I took her into the guest room to sleep and lay down with her for awhile. I'd still be there now, but I had to get up and go to the bathroom after about 35 minutes. I feel I need to stay in the guest room with her, though, since this room is not particularly well baby proofed. If she sleeps long enough, I may come back and write a less vacuous post!

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  1. Sorry she's sick! I know what you mean about the cute sore throat voice. I always feel bad too, but it really is cute.


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