Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Three Cute Things

Pumpkin's saying a lot of cute things right now. She's understanding more and more of what we say (time to start watching what we talk about in front of her!) and is trying out more words. Three of my favorite Pumpkinisms right now are:

1. When she is going somewhere and wants you to come, too, she will point at you and say "and you", which sounds like "A-choo". This gets used a lot when someone tries to duck out of family toothbrushing time.

2. She's known "no" for a long time, but now she knows "yes". She says "ya". It is a very short word, almost clipped. She looks at you earnestly and nods her head while she says it, particularly when she is saying yes to something to which you've just said no. For instance, she'll say "Ee-eee", indicating she wants to watch one of her DVDs on the TV. If I say no, she says "Ee-eee, ya", and nods emphatically while looking at me with her big, blue eyes. It certainly tests my resolve.

3. When she does something well, she will clap her hands and say "Ray!" We're not sure if this is short for "Hooray" or her pronunciation of "Yay".


  1. Very cute. I love to hear the toddler version of everyday words. They are getting so smart at this age.

  2. Love them! Very cute stories.

    We have a similar to the "ya" but she says "okay." As in, "Okay, tinkle wittle star" when she wants me to sing that song.

  3. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Awwwwww... It's good to write those down too. You can keep all those cute/embarrassing stories to tell when her high school boyfriend comes over.


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