Monday, October 20, 2008

Some Good Bits

I had a hard week at work last week, and was feeling completely done by the time we got to our post dinner walk on Friday night. It is getting dark earlier, so we saw the tail end of the sunset as we rounded the corner and headed down the block. It was a beautiful sunset- one of the good things about the Santa Ana winds that bring the risk of fires and completely mess up my allergies is that they blow all the crud in the air out to sea, leaving us with clear skies and beautiful sunsets, This picture doesn't come close to doing the view justice- our camera just wasn't up to the task:

(One of the reasons we bought a house in our neighborhood is that we get beautiful views of Mission Bay and the ocean when we're out walking. Some of our neighbors also have these views from their second stories and/or roof top decks. We do not have a second story and/or roof top deck, and would not have such a spectacular view if we did. But I can still go out for a walk and enjoy the view.)

Around this time, I stopped feeling sorry for myself, and remembered just how lucky I am.

After we stopped admiring the view and rounded the corner, Pumpkin decided to walk ahead with Hubby for awhile. The sight of the two of them walking hand in hand is one of my favorite things right now, partly because Pumpkin refused to hold hands for so long and partly because Pumpkin likes to walk at an almost running pace, so she has no trouble keeping up with Hubby. He's happy to have another fast walker in the family.

Other favorite things right now include:

1. How Pumpkin picks up a book and settles into my lap to read. I love that she loves books, and I love the feeling of her sitting on my folded legs, leaning back into my chest while I read.

2. How Pumpkin holds up her foot and says "wee, wee" in the bath, indicating that she wants me to do the "this little piggy went to market..." thing on her foot. I always have to do both feet, sometimes more than once.

3. The joy that Pumpkin gets in little things, like chasing bubbles.

I've written a couple of other posts of memories and favorite things. I keep saying I'm going
to make Pumpkin a scrapbook. Maybe I'll have time when she is five....


  1. Well, isn't the blog kind of a scrapbook? So you really are working on it...

    Nice story about the sunset. I also love it when my little one walks with her daddy, holding his hand. They are just so cute.

  2. Have you thought about digital scrapbooking? I'm looking into doing that for Brayden. Regular scrapbooking takes a lot of time and is messy, but I think digital would be faster and surely less of a mess. I'm slowly researching possible programs. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!


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