Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random Things

I'm working on a serious post about 23andMe and their recent drive to market to pregnant women/mothers (prompted by the goings on over at A Little Pregnant). But that's going to take some time.

So tonight, I'll give you some random thoughts, all pretty boring, really:

1. I may have mentioned that I have incredibly itchy legs? If not, consider yourself informed. This is the pregnancy symptom that is driving me most crazy. This is saying something, because I don't consider the 4 months+ of nausea all that much fun, either. I tried the Dream Cream from Lush that Cara Mama recommended, and it is actually helping. Certainly, its the best cream I've found so far- it works better than the over the counter cortisone cream for stopping the itching and may be calming the eczema (or similar rash) that I have developed, too. So I guess it was worth the price and the wait while it was shipped down from Canada.

2. Moxie had a post a while back about cleaning. One of the suggestions there was to use a wet microfiber cloth to clean without chemicals. I actually felt up to cleaning the bathroom tonight, so I gave it a try on the mildew that has been bugging me in our bathtub. It didn't clean the black stuff up fast enough for me- I'm still going to have to break out the chemicals on that. But the weird pink mildew around the drain and on the shelf? Wiped right up. Amazing.

3. I saved the best for last: Pumpkin apparently put herself in time out at day care today. No one saw her do anything, but she said she'd bitten her friend, and went over and sat herself in time out. Her friend wasn't crying or showing any sign of a bite, so I personally think this is just an extension of her current need to "play out" getting punished. The day care teachers were pretty amused.


  1. I'm so glad the cream is helping! It's really helping my hands and my stretching belly, which is starting to itch a lot lately. I was so happy to discover the store on a trip, and I found one right by my house. Too bad there aren't any near you so you don't have to order and wait.

    I love that she's playing out the time outs. It's just so neat the way kids thinks and how they deal with things.

  2. One of my graduate students wrote a paper on 23andme as a form of autobiography, or wannabe autobiography. It was very interesting. I find the whole thing very weird, personal


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