Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some Times Are Harder Than Others

Just when I thought I was starting to see the end of my extended first trimester blechiness, I'm back down on the sofa with exhaustion. Hubby and Pumpkin are outside right now, kicking a ball around and having a great time. It is great to see Pumpkin having so much fun with her Daddy, but hard not to have the energy to go join in. At least I can watch through the sliding glass door.

The exhaustion hit this weekend, probably because we tried to do too much. We had a party for Hubby's work on Saturday, and went to a parents' swap meet on Sunday (we scored a Fisher Price Little People house that Pumpkin absolutely loves- best $17 I've spent in a while). We also set up Pumpkin's big girl bed (another hit, and the first thing she told her teachers about when she got to day care on Monday). Oh, and Hubby decided to start painting the bathroom, a much postponed project. While Hubby painted, I had to keep Pumpkin out of his way. She and I went to Target for part of the time. She behaved beautifully, but even when she's confined to a shopping cart her abundant energy exhausts me! For some reason, I also decided to sort through and box up some clothes Pumpkin had outgrown.

I was quite frustrated this weekend, because I had to nap during Pumpkin's naps on both weekend days. Pumpkin's weekend naptimes are pretty much the only time I can get big projects done, and my desk needs a serious clean. Also, we didn't get the big girl bed set up until quite late on Sunday, and for awhile it looked like that wasn't going to get done. The big girl bed was my top priority for the weekend, so I was annoyed with Hubby for prioritizing painting over the big girl bed. Poor Hubby- in trouble for doing the wrong chore!

I have things back in perspective now. I'm still exhausted, but much less frustrated by it. If I look at things rationally, I can see that I am getting more energy back. I cleaned the bathroom on Thursday! And last night, after I loaded the dishwasher, I swept the kitchen and dining room floor. It is very, very clear, though, that our systems for getting things done need an overhaul before the new baby is born. Luckily, thinking about how we might schedule our chores and shore up the methods I use to make sure important things like bills and doctor's appointments don't get forgotten is something I can do from the sofa.

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  1. Heh, you're making me happy about our decision not to have another :) I think I was spending 12 hours a night sleeping during the first trimester, and I was only managing to get in to work/school 3 days a week. I have no idea how I'd be managing that with a toddler!

    Good luck, I'm sending energetic thoughts your way.


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