Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some Bad and Some Good

We're all sick here. Pumpkin was sent home early from day care on Tuesday with a fever, which only broke Thursday night. She has a cough and an unbelievably runny nose. Her nose overflows dramatically when she throws a tantrum (a fairly frequent occurrence over the past couple of days- being sick makes her cranky). This leads her to switch from crying about whatever set off the tantrum to crying "blow my nose!" At least she no longer fights us when we want to wipe her nose. She doesn't like snot coming out of her nose anymore than we do. I credit day care with this turnaround. At least they are the ones who taught her how to blow her nose in to the tissues we hold for her.

Hubby has the runny nose, but says he feels fine otherwise, and just to prove it he spent most of the day today doing chores.

I have been knocked flat by the cold. I have a sore throat, a cough, a runny nose, and absolutely no energy. The cold symptoms and the pregnancy symptoms are fighting it out, leaving me twice as miserable. At night, the pregnancy-caused nausea is least bothersome if I lay on my left side. But then the cold-caused congestion gives me an earache. So I toss and turn and get far too little sleep. I've recently started feeling hungry all the time, as pregnant women do. But the cold has knocked out my desire to actually eat, and made the still lingering nausea worse. So I spend a lot of time staring into our pantry, trying to find something I can stand to eat.

But enough whining. My Mom, who very kindly came over to take care of Pumpkin for her first two days home from day care (and would have stayed longer, except for a prior engagement back home) tells me that she is missing Pumpkin. So here is a cute story from tonight:

Pumpkin got down from eating her evening snack and noticed the large amount of food she'd dropped on the floor during dinner and snack. She said "Uh oh!" and looked at me with her cute wide-eyed, round-mouthed look of alarm. "Throw it away?"

I told her that yes, the food that was on the floor should be thrown away.

So she carefully picked it all up, and took it to the garbage, bit by bit. When she'd finished, she came back over to where she could see me and gave me a huge grin. She was so proud of herself! I was glad to have the mess cleaned up without having had to move from the sofa, so I quite sincerely thanked her for helping and told her to go have her bath with Daddy. Then she announced "poopy diaper!" so I had to get off the sofa after all.

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  1. I'm so sorry you guys are sick! My hubby just came down with a bad cold or something. I think our girl had a bit of it, but not too bad. Extra running nose (and she says, "I need a keeneck"). I'm hoping she doesn't get worse, or that I get it. It sucks to be sick and pregnant because you can't really take anything!

    When I was hungry but constantly nauseous, my nurse recommended Ensure. It worked great for me, and if you think you can stomach it, it might do the trick for you while you are so sick.

    Feel better soon!


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