Monday, June 08, 2009

Pumpkin Shorts

I'll finish writing up the Oregon trip soon. Tonight, though, I give you some short stories about Pumpkin:

1. Today, while I was cooking dinner, Pumpkin decided to color on her little notebook. On the sofa. Luckily, the combination of washable markers and microfiber sofa meant that this cleaned up with a quick wipe with a wet cloth.

Better living through chemistry!

2. Pumpkin has taken to calling Hubby and me "honey". I recognize that this is completely my fault, since I commonly start sentences directed at her with "honey". So now we hear things like "Oh! Honey! There are stars on this!" and "Honey! I wan' more milk."

I think it is pretty funny, but it is bothering Hubby, perhaps because she has also started calling him by his given name sometimes, once again clearly copying me. I'm still "Mommy", possibly because she can't say my given name. We've explained that "Daddy" is a special name only she can use for him, and that it is better than "honey" or his given name. I'm also trying to cut down on my use of "honey". And, reluctantly, I've started calling Hubby "Daddy" more often.

3. This weekend, we explained to Pumpkin that we're going to have a baby. I brought out I'm a Big Sister, by Joanna Cole. Pumpkin loves the book- I've read it at least 10 times since I got it out yesterday.

If you ask Pumpkin what is in Mommy's tummy, she'll say "a baby!" And if you as her where our baby is, she says "in Mommy's tummy! On the inside." The last bit is to differentiate from having a baby in your tummy on the outside, which she has demonstrated to us using her Little People baby.

Today, I ordered another book about a new baby coming: Waiting for Baby, by Annie Kubler. The Amazon reviews said that the text-free nature of the book made it easy to use to tell your own "there's a new baby coming" story. We'll see what Pumpkin thinks.


  1. Love these stories! She is such a cutie pie!

    Here's a cute one from my little girl: The other day, out of no where really, my girl patted my head and said, "It's okay, sweetie. It's okay." Apparently, I call her sweetie (and honey) a lot.

    I have also had call my husband "daddy" a lot. He is also bothered by the few times my Pumpkin has called him by his given name. I think it's funny when she does that for me or him, but he's not amused. What can you do.

  2. Cute stories :) Why is it that the activities which keep them happy & occupied are the ones we really don't want them doing? My daughter would draw on the walls happily for hours if I let her. And last night I bought myself time to make a complicated dinner by letting her fingerpaint on the table with yogurt...including painting her arms.

    Ironically I really don't care if she calls me or my husband by our given names - but she has never used mine, and only uses his if I have just yelled for him from another room. I don't think anyone really tends to use either of our names very often when she's around.


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