Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Veggie... Maybe

I have written before about how Pumpkin is living up to her inheritance (or inflicting my own food karma on me) by being a very picky eater. We have yet to find a veggie she'll eat- she won't even touch my old favorites: corn and potatoes, which I know hardly count as veggies these days. I decided that maybe Pumpkin won't eat vegetables because she honestly doesn't like the taste. I can't say I'd choose a plate of veggies as dinner, either (sorry, Mom). So I am going to start trying to hide the flavor.

We tried our first experiment with this today- broccoli with cheese sauce. It worked... sort of. I definitely liked the broccoli better that way! Pumpkin tried her "little trees" and didn't spit them out. But she didn't have a second bite, either. I'm not sure if it was selling them as little trees or the cheese sauce that did the trick. Either way, I think we'll try again soon. I need to practice on my cheese sauce making technique, though. I couldn't see going through the trouble of a real cheese sauce for this experiment (sorry, whole foods fans) and I had a half-used box of Velveeta in the fridge, so I used that. I needed to add more milk, though. The sauce got way too thick and plastic-like as it cooled. Maybe Pumpkin would have had a second bite if the sauce was nicer. Hubby certainly didn't like it- he scraped it off his little trees.


  1. You know, prior to having a kid I would have said something like "but making cheese sauce is so easy!", and it is, except that making it while there's a small person hanging off your leg screaming, or quietly drawing on the walls in the other room (or fingerpainting on the table with her yogurt) sort of makes things more difficult!

    Good luck with the veggies. I make a batch of muffins every couple weeks with a can of pumpkin as a base - it is easier than mashing up bananas. What about pickles? Or olives? Those are technically vegetables. Of course, I'm a terrible person to be trying to give anyone food advice since I have a kid who is willing to eat anything at all except for sweet potatoes & avocados....

  2. My favorite cheese sauce recipe is in the Edmonds cookbook. I still have to kind of mask the taste of veggies I eat with sauces (except for corn and potatoes).

  3. @Today Wendy- I know. Pre-Pumpkin, I wouldn't have thought twice about making a cheese sauce. I may be extra lazy due to the pregnancy fatigue, too.


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