Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekend Reading: Amusing Things My Husband Sent Me Edition

It has been a bit of a bruiser of a week. Lots of meetings at work, a couple of them complete with tension. The cleaner was supposed to come yesterday, which was great, since we had guests coming today, but meant that Wednesday night was spent cleaning up toys, etc., so that the cleaner could actually clean things. Then she called in sick, so yesterday night was spent spot cleaning things so that our house wasn't filthy for the guests.... and so on and so on.

So, I haven't got the mental energy to write a thoughtful post around some of the links I had lined up. Instead, I give you... random funny/strange/vaguely amusing things that my husband found online and sent to me. (He subscribes to the "surf to cleanse your brain and/or let your brain find creative solutions to problems" school of thought, so tends to find a lot of stuff online. I agree with the theory- which is why I find the links I usually post. As you're about to see, my husband and I hang out in very different corners of the internet.)

Anyway, first up- he said this was the best attempt at making violins cool that he'd ever seen. (I, in case you didn't know, play the violin. Well, actually I play classical viola and I play Irish fiddle. Or I used to. I don't play much of anything these days, but I never played classical violin.)

Staying with the music theme, this just blew my mind. What an amazing, and sadly unprofitable, talent:

Moving on... my husband totally wants one of these throwable panorama cameras. I included this item for the two or three people reading this blog who know him, and know how fond he is of panoramas. He particularly likes to get panoramas where people appear multiple times. He has one from our stop at Slick Rock on our recent vacation in which the girls and I appear three or four times as we walk along the shore of the river. Unfortunately, I think our faces appear in one instance, so I can't post it.

And then, there are the Jedi Kittens:

I don't know where to go after Jedi Kittens, so I think I'll just stop. Happy weekend!


  1. Here's a cool video, where a musician represents the constant, Tau:

  2. That first one is very Scott Pilgram with violin. Very cool! (although I've always preferred viola to violin, unless you start talking about actual fiddle playing).


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