Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekend Reading: The Things I Never Thought About Before Edition

One of the fun things about reading blogs is that I sometimes come across a post that makes me think about something I hadn't thought about before. This weekend, I have three such posts for you.

The first, from Bad Mom Good Mom, is about reducing waste in the garment industry. She's also had earlier posts about sewing with pre-consumer waste fabric- i.e., the scraps from the garment trade. I must confess that until I read these posts, I never once thought about what happened to the fabric leftover when my clothes were made.

The second is from my friend Stevil, who had a post about our country's motto, wondering if perhaps it is time to change back to what we had before the communism scare of the 1950s. Again, before I read this post, I hadn't really thought about our motto at all.

Via @Cydharrel's twitter feed (a good feed to follow if you are interested in tech stuff and like haiku), I came across this post on how government is not a startup and saying that it should act like one is a bit daft. I have heard the same calls for government to be more like a startup, and had never really thought about what a crazy thing that is to say- and I've even worked as a government contractor.

What about you? Are there any posts that you've come across recently that made you think about something new? Or something in a new way?

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  1. I'm glad that someone finds my posts interesting besides myself. LOL.

    Remember when my husband posted about the hypocrisy of the 1950s that prompted the addition of "under god"?


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