Friday, October 02, 2015

Weekend Reading: The Short and Early Edition

Today is Petunia's birthday, and I'm quitting early to spend time with her. So this post will go up early, and will be shorter than usual.

I'm also not going to focus much on the horrible events in Oregon yesterday. This post, from just a little over a month ago, about another horrible shooting, still stands. As I said on Twitter yesterday, I think that the people on the other side of this debate view mass shootings in a fundamentally different way than I do. I do not think there will ever be a shooting that is the "last straw" and magically changes their minds. If we want to do something about guns, we have to speak up politically and drown them out at the ballot box- because the extremists are a minority, even among gun owners. If you've recently decided to get involved and speak up, don't forget about state level legislation. In many ways, that is where the action is at right now.

And that's all I want to say on that.

This post about working mothers and what happens when child care arrangements fall through is beautifully written. Go read it.

If I'm being charitable, I'd say a bunch of CEOs think they're working on gender equality and aren't being very effective. If I'm being realistic, I'd say that a bunch of CEOs are paying lip service to gender equality and actually don't care about it all.

Petunia's isn't the only birthday in my life this week. Tungsten Hippo turns two, and I'm giving away free ebooks to celebrate. Tell all your friends!

I don't usually link to my real name stuff here, but I think more people would benefit from reading this week's post, which is about using visualization to deal with performance problems. Also, if you're planning to enroll in this month's session of the Better Projects Through Better Planning class, you only have one week of early bird pricing left. I do not plan to give this class again until next summer at the earliest.

I really liked this post from Kameron Hurley: Your Work Matters.

Oooh... a non-Disney movie to try with Petunia! (Also, welcome back to blogging, Anandi!)

I love Stochastic Planet because sometimes it shows me pictures like this one.


  1. How is she six already?

  2. Happy birthday to Petunia! Happy birthday to Tungstee Hippo! And I've been following Kameron Hurley's blog and writing, too. Haven't read her novels yet, but MIrror Empire is on my nightstand...


  3. I meant, "Tungsten Hippo." =)

  4. Zenmoo7:32 PM

    The movie looks like it is by the same animators as the tv show "Puffin Rock" which is just adorable. It's about puffin family (a puffling name Oona & her baby/chick brother 'Baba') & their friends. 5 min episodes aimed at preschoolers - my 5 year old loves it too. I love it because the narrator is Chris O'Dowd from the IT crowd. And somehow that really amuses me.

  5. Thanks for the shout out :) I am apparently a bad returning blogger as I haven't had time to catch up on my reading or my own posting! But yeah, we loved that movie. I definitely want to see it again and may try it on the 3yo, though it may be too much for her.


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