Monday, October 05, 2015

A Cautionary Tale for People with Allergies Married to People without Allergies

We spent the weekend at Disneyland, celebrating Petunia's sixth birthday. We all had fun, and Petunia was thrilled to get to wear the "It's my birthday" badge and have everyone wish her happy birthday. But, as much fun as the trip was, I think it would make a boring blog post, so I'm not going
to write about it.
On our way to meet Minnie Mouse.

Instead, I give you this actual dialog between Mr. Snarky and me last night, about two hours after we got home:

Me (blowing nose for the gazillionth time since getting home): I don't understand why my nose is so runny! It wasn't like this in Disneyland. Maybe I'm allergic to our house.

Him: Well... that bush* is still in the green bins in the garage. Maybe I shouldn't have propped the garage door open.


Him: Well, the bins don't go out until Tuesday.

Me: And they couldn't have just stayed in the back yard????

Him: But we always keep them in the garage.

Me, suddenly understanding why I was using my inhaler more than usual last week: SO? (Blows nose again. And again.)

End scene.

In the next scene, I plug in my air filter and turn it on high and take two Benadryl before going to bed.

My husband would never hurt me on purpose, but sometimes I think he might send me to the hospital by accident. He has no real allergies and sometimes forgets how sick the things I'm allergic to can make me.

*This is the bush that I used to make him trim as soon as it showed signs of flowering, because I am extremely allergic to it. It was in the way of the new patio we're getting, so he dug it up. And then left it in the garage, apparently.


  1. *hands over the kleenex box*

    good luck!

    1. We closed the door between the garage and the house, and left the air filter running all day... so I'm much better now. Our house and garage weren't connected before the construction work, so neither of us is used to thinking of the garage as having the same air space as the house. We'll learn...

  2. I am not allergic to anything, and my husband does have a few environmental allergies. So, yes, I am super clueless when it come to remembering his environmental allergies. On behalf of non-allergic spouses everywhere, I'm sorry!

    I am somewhat better at remembering people's food allergies.

  3. Noooo, but I want to know about the Disneyland trip! How did the food go?

    1. Sorry, I meant to answer this earlier! Food went OK- we let Pumpkin eat a Mickey Mouse pretzel for lunch both days, and also had some applesauce we'd brought in. Their diets weren't great, but no one got hangry, which was my main concern for the weekend.

  4. Zenmoo7:36 PM

    I am guilty of being less than sympathetic to my husband re: his seasonal allergies. To be fair, he is an Allergist and should know how to dose himself adequately!! Maybe he 'forgets' to maintain empathy with his patients?


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