Friday, October 30, 2015

Weekend Reading: The Where Did That Week Go Edition

It has finally happened- a week has gone by with no posts. I think I only have one more week of my hectic work schedule, so hopefully I'll be writing more posts, soon.

Here is part of what I've been busy with: Missed Chances, the first Annorlunda Books Taster Flight, is now available on Amazon. Since the stories in this book are public domain, Amazon wouldn't let me do a pre-order period, and the only way to find out whether they'd accept the book for publication was to just publish it. So the ebook version is live. The print version will come out next Wednesday, and the other ebook versions (, Kobo, and iBooks) are in process now. I had originally planned to test out KDP Select with this book, which would have made it an Amazon exclusive, but they won't take public domain stories into KDP Select, so I'll list the book everywhere I can.

You can still get a free copy of this book, though- if you sign up for the Tungsten Hippo Weekly Digest by Sunday at 8 a.m., you'll get a copy. If you want to read this book but don't want to be on the Tungsten Hippo mailing list, I am also recruiting some advance readers here. Advance readers will get their copies over the weekend or early next week.

So... since links are all I'm posting these days, lets get on to the links!

The Bikini Islanders are looking for help resettling in the US, since the island we resettled them too after using their atoll for nuclear testing is now threatened by rising sea levels.

I am absolutely horrified by this story. Student records should never be made public like this.

The story of the little village that stopped the spread of the plague in the 1600s is a little gruesome, but I'd love to visit the village.

Have you seen Wordnik? I could see losing a lot of time on this site.

Sophia Benoit's suggestions for things women's magazines should write about is pretty amusing.

I bookmarked two Stochastic Planet photos this week: the beautiful and the funny.

And that's all I have for the week. I haven't been out and about on the internet as much as usual because I was so busy. I also haven't been commenting on people's blogs as much as usual. I am still reading! I'm just more likely to be reading on my phone while waiting for someone to go to sleep, and I am too old to write comments on the touch keypads on phones.


  1. I first learned of Eyam as a result of Geraldine Brooks's novel Year of Wonders (I didn't like all of the book, but did think most of it was excellent). Apparently there are some similar instances during the 1918-1919 Spanish flu pandemic; I know of one novel, although I barely started it.

  2. That women's magazine one is a little weird. On the one hand, she's totally body positive in terms of weight and eating. On the other hand she's telling me I need to shave my toes. My toe hair is FINE. I am not going to start worrying about shaving yet another part of my body. I already shave enough of it under patriarchal duress as it is, thank you very much.


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