Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Another Big Release Day

It is time for another Annorlunda Books release day post!

Today is release day for Okay, So Look, a humorous novella-length retelling of the Book of Genesis by Micah Edwards.

I suspect you're skeptical of this book. I was, too, when it first landed in my inbox. But I really enjoyed reading it- and I learned a lot about the Book of Genesis from reading it, so I knew I had to publish it. Everybody I've handed the book to has had that same skeptical look in their eyes, followed by the same "hey, this was a lot of fun to read!" reaction.

As the author says: "The Bible's full of fantastic stories, and it's a shame so many people miss out on them because they've heard that the book is just a collection of boring lessons sandwiched between tedious lists of begats. Nothing could be further from the truth! It's a collection of entertaining, bizzare and colorful stories sandwiched between tedious lists of begats."

Reviews are starting to come in.

If you're curious about the book, you can read a short excerpt on the Annorlunda Books website.

If you're ready to buy, all the links are on the Annorlunda Books page, but for your convenience, I'll put them here, too:

You can also read it via a subscription service or your library (if they buy it!)
  • Overdrive (one way your library can buy the ebook. It will also be in Baker and Taylor, or they can buy direct from Smashwords)
  • Oyster (a service now slated to sunset in January- but you can still read books if you're already a subscriber)
  • Scribd
It is obviously my pick of the week over atTungsten Hippo. If you're inclined to help me spread the word about this book, here are some ways you could help:
As always, I am extremely grateful for any help you feel like giving me, and for the fact that you reas this blog. The end of the super busy period I created for myself is now in sight, so I hope to be back to writing more substantive posts soon.  

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