Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Release Day for Love and Other Happy Endings

It is release day for the second "taster flight" of classic short stories that I've put together.

Love and Other Happy Endings has five short stories:

  • The Singing Lesson, by Katherine Mansfield
  • Akin to Love, by L.M. Montgomery
  • Mr. Lismore and the Widow, by Wilkie Collins
  • Head and Shoulders, by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • The Other Man's Wife, by James Oliver Curwood
All are love stories, and all end on a high note. I like them all (obviously) but my favorite is Head and Shoulders. Perhaps not coincidentally, it is also the one with the most thought-provoking ending. Some might argue with me that it is actually a happy ending at all, but I explain why I consider it a happy ending in the afterword of the book. I don't want to explain here, because it would ruin the story if you decide to read it!

As usual, you can get all the purchase links on the book's webpage, but I'll put them here for convenience:
You can also buy the paperback directly from CreateSpace if you'd like.

The GoodReads page is still in process. I can't run pre-order periods on Amazon on books of public domain stories, and that delays getting the GoodReads page created. Once it is available, I'll include a link in a Friday links post. 

If you want to help me spread the word about the release, here are some easy things you could do:

My release day was marred somewhat by having to spend two hours this morning dealing with a hack on Tungsten Hippo. I wasted a bunch of time trying to deal with it last night- lesson learned, wait for the US support team to be back online. I don't think the offshore support people are less skilled, but I think their processes don't let them be as helpful. There's an interesting post in that for some other time. For right now, I'll just note that staying up until after midnight trying to fix the site last night was an error in judgement, and I'm very tired and maybe should just go take a nap now. I have things I want/need to do, but am perhaps too tired to do them effectively.

But still, hooray for release days! 


  1. I just ordered the paperback from Create Space. Can't wait to read the stories!


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