Friday, February 19, 2016

Weekend Reading: The I Can't Stop Coughing Edition

This week went buy in a blur of coughing. Petunia caught a little cold at school, and gave it to me. I wasn't feeling great over the weekend, but it wasn't terrible. Then, Monday night, I spiked a fever. By Tuesday, I had developed a cough. I took a sick day, but it was too late... the cough had taken hold, and I've been coughing what seems like non-stop ever since. Sigh.

My coughing is likely to be under control by next Wednesday's seminar (there's still time to sign up!) but I'll probably still sound funny. It seems like I get sick right before every online seminar or class I give, so that I always sound a little funny. Oh well!

Anyway, since I spent a larger than usual amount of time this week crashed on my sofa, I don't have that many links. But here's what I have:

There's new research about what happened to the Easter Islanders... and it turns out the answer might be "nothing," at least not until the Europeans showed up and gave them a bunch of new diseases. Visiting Easter Island remains one of my travel high points. If you ever get the chance to go, take it!

Modern Pacific Island challenges: Palau vs. the Poachers.

Keisha Bentley-Edwards argues we need to change how we teach African-American history: more context, less lists of firsts.

There was a lot of freaking out on Twitter about this health care story about data mining, but I think there should have been more about this story about how life insurance companies respond to genetic test results. There are a lot of ethical issues we should be working through in terms of our health data.

Also, Silicon Valley start ups that get into the health arena need to pay attention to the rules and stop trying disrupt their way around regulations.

I love this post about startups.

And that's all I have today. Back to crashing on the sofa in a coughing fit...


  1. Thanks for making the links happen - I hope your cold resolves much sooner than feared!

  2. I hope you feel better soon--and I'm glad you don't have the flu that's going around here. My supervisor was out for three straight days, plus the intervening weekend, and she is never out.

  3. Get well soon!!!

    My DH fell ill last night (fever, stomach issues, the works). I just hope the kids don't get it.

  4. I recommend a hot toddy. (Honey and lemon and hard liquor!) I had one with a ginger tea base and it was lovely with my upper respiratory problems.


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