Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Sick Days and Advance Notices

Yesterday at about lunch time, the school called to tell me Petunia had a fever. Unfortunately, I didn't get the message until almost 45 minutes later, due to a dead zone in the building I was in and my failure to check my messages promptly.

So, poor Petunia had to wait almost two hours for me to come get her. She may never let me forget this.

She's home from school today, too, of course. She still has a fever, but once that is controlled by Tylenol, she wants to do things. Mostly, she wants to do art projects based on those shown on some shows she likes watching.

This is not entirely conducive to me getting work done, but I have managed to get a couple hours' worth of work in this morning. Mr. Snarky comes home in about 45 minutes, so that I can go to a meeting I have scheduled.

I'm not feeling 100%, either. This seems to be the same old thing that we've been dealing with since Petunia was a baby: she gets a fever for three days, I get a sore throat and a little rundown feeling, and everyone else is fine.  I just fell down a rabbit hole looking for old posts about Petunia's fevers for any curious new readers. Here's one, but the story wasn't as over as I thought when I posted it. Here was the start of the great health scare, round 2. Here is a post written at the time we were in the midst of the worst of it. In the end, we did nothing, and the fevers got less common as she got older... and I noticed the correlation with my mild sore throats. My current theory is that there is some family viruses that hit Petunia hard, gives me a sore throat, and don't bother most other people. But to be honest, I don't think about it much anymore- I just work out the logistics for a couple of Petunia sick days and we all go about our business.

In a perfect world, I would have just given up on work for the day and spent the day snuggled up next to Petunia on the sofa, reading. But, this is not a perfect world, and I really don't want to get behind again after just finally catching up... so I've been working.

I even have things to show from my work!

The next Annorlunda Books Taster Flight is making its way through my proofing process. I am now confident I'll get at least the ebook versions ready for a February 10 release date.

The book is called Love and Other Happy Endings. Here is the cover:

And here is the link to the webpage where purchase links will appear as they become available. Since this is a collection of public domain stories, I can't have a preorder page on Amazon, so I'll just try to time the release.

And most importantly, here is a link to where you can sign up to be an advance reader. I should have advance e-copies to distribute by Friday.

In other advance-y news: I'm starting to put together a plan to promote my latest 1 hour, $20 online seminar, which is a seminar version of the time management workshop I gave recently. You don't have to wait for me to get the promo plan sorted out, though- the seminar is enrolling now, and if you sign up before February 9 and use the promo code NEWSLETTER you'll get $2 off the price.

The seminar is a distillation of some of my favorite time management techniques, along with a discussion of how to use the data you collect by tracking your time to figure out which techniques will help you the most. I was really happy with how the workshop turned out, so I decided to take the information I presented and turn it into a seminar. When I gave the workshop, I had several hands on exercises to help people try out the techniques we were discussing. I've moved those to a "next steps" document that you'll get with the seminar.

And speaking of that workshop... I just got an email from the people who are supposed to be paying me, indicating that they need yet another form filled out. So I think I'll end this post here and go fill out the form. Getting paid is nice, after all.

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