Friday, February 05, 2016

Weekend Reading: The Back on Track Edition

I am pleased to report that I successfully reburied the feelings brought on by the Jason Lieb story and I got boatloads done this week, despite losing a fair amount of Wednesday to a combination of dealing with that and the effects of the illness Petunia and I had and despite losing half of Tuesday to said illness.

The cost of getting a lot done despite those things is that I don't have very many links. But the links I have are good, so let's get to them!

First of all, here are some really good things written about the sexual harassment scandals in science: Tenure, She Wrote on how this shouldn't be her job to fix and Mathbionerd's letter to her students. I'm sure many more good things have been written, but I decided to stop reading about this topic, in the interests of reburying unhelpful feelings and getting a boatload of stuff done.

Next, wow, here was another story that hit me in the gut. Ann Friedman on being the "No woman" at work. Let's just say I strongly recognized myself and my work history in that story and move on.

This story about medical bias against women is equally infuriating. It sucks to think that we need to be ready to fight to be taken seriously in the doctor's office, but I guess I'm not surprised we do. Doctors are humans and humans have biases and we're only just starting to try to figure out how to tackle them.

I love this:

Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. Anonymous5:41 AM

    Did you see this article last year on a woman's experience in the ER? I'm now wondering if I saw it because you linked to it...
    I experienced a serious medical emergency while pregnant and all of the (female) medical professionals were so dismissive of my pain etc... Until they saw my BP was through the roof. I've had a really hard time getting routine preventative care since then. I don't have much faith or trust in doctors anymore.


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