Thursday, December 07, 2017

An Unexpected Turn

So, that new job I started on Monday? It went away today. I don't think the details are public yet, so I'll keep it vague and just say it wasn't anything that was my fault or the fault of the people who hired me, and it wasn't just me who lost a job. And I have a decent severance despite only working there for four days... so all things considered, it could be worse.

Still, it was completely unexpected and I'm reeling a little bit. Thanks to the severance and some seminars I thought I'd have to turn down but can now accept (silver lining!) I'm in good shape financially into February. That gives me some time to figure out what's next.

The reasons I decided to go back to full time employment still remain, but the really good fitting job is gone. Should I take it as a sign to try harder on the independent route? Or should I settle for a less good fit in a job? I have some thinking to do.

But the deep thinking is for another night. Tonight, I'm going to pour a beer and just... chill.

Also, it seems like a good night to remind people of the various things I still have available for purchase!

Of course, there are the books published by Annorlunda Books. Also, books make great gifts!

T-shirts also make great gifts, and my Etsy store is still up.

I'm not sure a recorded seminar would make that great of a gift... but maybe it would for the right person? Or you could get a head start on any New Year's resolutions to get better at time management or start planning your transition out of academia.

You could also just treat yourself to a subscription to Inbox Stories, my latest project! I've got a fun story about a woman who is a sea captain scheduled for December, and it is a story first published in 1919. I picked it because it is a nice reminder that there have always been strong, interesting women, we just haven't always listened to their stories.

Tungsten Hippo is no longer updated, but all the Amazon links are still affiliate links.

And now, it is time for me to unplug and have a beer and be thankful for all the many good things  in my life, and also for the fact that there aren't currently any fires burning near my home. (I'm thinking of you North County, LA, and Ventura friends! Here's hoping the winds stop blowing so hard soon.)

Updated to add: Sheesh! I forgot to mention my children's books. The Zebra Said Shhh and Petunia, the Girl Who Was Not a Princess! And my first short ebook Taming the Work Week. I knew I'd forget something in my distracted state.


  1. Oh no! How unexpected.

  2. WTF? I am speechless... And very sorry about the job... :(

  3. Alexicographer5:30 AM

    Oh no! I'm sorry. Been thinking of you, surmise from this that you are not too close to the fires (my knowledge of your whereabouts and those of the fires both a bit vague), trust all is OK in that regard then, in terms of your own situation (but of course I am still horrified by what's going on more generally in that regard, as ditto so many others).

  4. Anonymous5:49 AM

    The unexpectedness hurts - in addition to it being a great job for you. Give your self the weekend for thinking (concretely) about next steps. Sneakers

  5. Wow! That would be really unsettling, no matter how it happened. I'm sorry!

  6. Well, that's frustrating. All that mental energy to decide if it's worth making a switch and then it's all moot within a week! Be sure to go rollerblading or to the beach for a little mental recharge before you decide what to do next.

  7. I want to fully endorse The Zebra Said Shhh for all the babies and toddlers on your list and Petunia, the Girl who was not a Princess for the 3-6 year olds.

  8. Aw geez, that's frustrating! I'm glad that if it had to happen this way, you got a decent enough severance, and other work, to get you through until February at least. I hope you're able to figure out what's next early in the new year.

  9. Zenmoo4:01 AM

    That sucks about the job. I remember when something similar happened to my Dad when I was 14. It just seems nuts that they go from hiring to firing so quickly.

    On a brighter note - I’ll endorse The Zebra said shh as well. It got a special request tonight from the 3.5yr old. Also I enjoyed Unspotted.

  10. EarthSciProf12:43 PM

    Wow!! I'm so sorry to hear the news. I am glad to hear the blow is somewhat softened by severance. But wow. Best of luck processing this sudden change and figuring out what's next.


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