Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The New New Job

I said I'd write more about my new job after Christmas. Now that I've sat down to do it, though, I am not sure what more to say.

I guess I can explain how I was able to land a second new job so quickly when the one I'd just started suddenly went away. A friend had contacted me about a potential job right after I accepted the first new job, and I'd had to tell him I wasn't interested. So, when I found out that I was without a job, I emailed him to say that now I was available. To be honest, I was mostly joking, a sort of "ha ha, joke's on me" sort of thing. I didn't expect the job he'd contacted me about to still be available. And it wasn't. But another job, reporting to the person who'd taken the job he'd originally contacted me about, was still open. He told me to send my resume, so the day after I lost my job, I spent a few hours reworking my resume for the new job and sent it in. I had a phone interview soon after, and then went in for an in person interview... and then I got a job offer and accepted it.

Since I'd recently surveyed the job landscape in San Diego, I knew that I was likely to have to take a job less senior than the one I'd just lost, which made it easy to make the decision to go ahead with this new job. It is definitely less senior, but I'll be learning some new things and there is room for growth. So I think it is not a bad career move, and the pay is enough that I can afford to take the less senior position.

The new new job is also a lot more flexible than the old new job would have been: I'll be able to work from home a bit, and they are happy to have me accept the occasional offer to give a seminar. Also, it will be a shorter commute, and the new location is quite close to one of the YMCA locations that I can use my membership at (we have a family membership because that makes the kids' programs cheaper). So I think this job will fit my life really well, and is a good fit for my skills and interests. I start the job in about a month.

All in all, things have turned out remarkably well, and I'm feeling very fortunate.

And so is Petunia. Hr first question after I got off the phone negotiating the job offer: Does this mean we still get to go to Disneyland? Yes, it does!


  1. That all sounds great! Congratulations again!

  2. Hurray!!!! Let me know if we should edit the bio for our Jan. event! :) And - Bay Park Fish Co is lucky for you! I am glad the fit was right - on to Disneyland!

  3. Congrats on the new new job!

  4. Congratulations! Great news for the new year!

  5. Petunia has her priorities straight :)

    I'm glad that your choosing to take a less senior position coincided with someone willing to offer that position.


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