Friday, December 15, 2017

Weekend Reading: The Somehow Very Busy Even Without a Job Edition

I spent my week getting organized for my job search, and following up on a really strong lead. Oh, and trying to get ready for Christmas!

So this is going to be a short set of links, because despite being without a job, I was surprisingly busy this week.

In self-promotional links: I wrote a thread about giving the books I've published as gifts. Here it is in a news post form.

Monday, the second Inbox Stories newsletter comes out. This week's story is a great old story about a woman sea captain and a feud she ends up in. I also have two recommendations for great new stories, both of which feature strong women and magic. The recommendations link to the stories online, so even if you subscribe to the free edition, you'll find two great stories to read!

In other links:

New rule: read anything Rebecca Traister writes, particularly about gender. Her piece about how the "Weinstein moment" is more about work than sex is really good.

Jamelle Bouie talked to some Black voters in Birmingham, and it is worth your time.

Giant penguins!

My favorite podcast of the week: Majority 54 on public education.

Gen-X giggle:

This is really cool:

Stern bunny:

And that's all I have this week. I'll try to do better next week!

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