Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Coulda Woulda Shoulda

I thought I might write a blog post tonight, but then I got a bunch of emails about my daughters' First Lego League teams and just spent the last 30 minutes coordinating last minute extra sessions and the like. (The Legoland Expos are coming up...)

But I still have a little of my beer left so I'll post something lame to make myself feel better.

Our Lego seasons are both over this month, and as much as I like the FLL experience, I'm looking forward to the end of it for the year. Petunia wants to continue on next year, which will mean a jump to the "big kid" league and harder coaching... so I might be signing up for a coach training class in March. But the weekly meetings will be done soon.

All the other parents for our team are very supportive and helpful, so I have no complaints about my coaching experience. To be honest, I think I'd be looking forward to the end even if I wasn't the coach, because it will be one less thing in our weekly schedule.

Which is why, as much as Petunia wants to do basketball, we're just going to buy her a hoop and let he play on her own for now. Now we just need to get that hoop bought....


I did not watch the State of the Union. I don't feel like I missed anything. I also did not watch Stacey Abrams' response, but if my Twitter feed is to be believed, I missed something there. It seems like her speech was of a length I could watch, so maybe I'll look it up later and watch it. Or maybe I'll read the transcript.


I spent at least 30 minutes today making a doctor's appointment for my annual check up/prescription renewal meeting, emailing my doctor asking her to pre-order the labs that I thought I hadn't done for the prior two years, getting her (almost immediate!) response that no, I'd already done those labs and she didn't need to see me, and cancelling the appointment I'd just made.

In the end, I still got to cross "make doctor's appointment" off my to-do list, but damn, I wish I'd remembered I'd already done those labs in July. (They came back normal.)

Also, hooray for a doctor who is also a busy working mother and says "heck yes I'll refill your prescriptions without making you come in to tell me they are working fine."

Fingers crossed that my new insurance doesn't mess that all up by getting pissy about which maintenance inhaler and birth control pill I'm on.

Also, still to do: Make a dentist appointment. And I think I'm due for a mammogram.

Why does human body maintenance have to be such a PITA? (Yes, I know this is only going to get worse.)


Pumpkin participated in the middle school spelling bee this evening. She came 4th, and 2nd among the 6th graders (another 6th grader came 3rd). I am really proud of her and also glad that I had to take Petunia to her art class so didn't have to sit and watch the spelling bee. Spelling bees make me soooo nervous and it may be worse watching my kid in one than being in one (not that I lasted long in any spelling bee I participated in).

Pumpkin was sad that she "only" came 4th, but we are really proud of her and told her so. I think that learning to be OK with not coming 1st may be the most important thing the spelling bee teaches her.


And now my beer is empty. I will head off to bed. Maybe you'll get a real blog post out of me in March, when Lego season is over!


  1. This is the first I've heard of the First Lego League, that seems neat! I looked it up a bit but I wasn't really clear on how old the kids have to be to participate.

    I heard that Stacey Abrams was well worth watching as well, I might find time for that.

    Fingers crossed that your doctorly things stay calm and as easy as possible. Two of us are overdue for our dental appointments but wish me luck in taking JB to the doctor for FOUR shots this month first. Yikes.

    1. I made a dentist appointment, too. The first available wasn't until April. OOPS! I'm already past due for a cleaning.

      First Lego League Jr is ages 6-9, then First Lego League is 9-???? I can't remember. Then there is a full on robotics division for older high schoolers, I think.

      Good luck with the shots!


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