Friday, February 22, 2019

Weekend Reading: The I Don't Like Winter Edition

I know all of you people who live in places where it gets actually cold will laugh at me, but it has been quite cold for San Diego lately - our high today was in the 50s! - and I am tired of it and want my mid-60s back.

I think this is the sign that I am well and truly a San Diegan. When I start complaining if the temperature is over 78, then I will be one of the people who amused me when I first moved here: Unhappy with anything outside of the 68 - 78 degree range for temperature.

I did not get to rollerblade today, not because it was too cold, but because I had to pick up Petunia and her Lego team for our last practice before the Lego League Expo. I missed my rollerblade, but this also nicely sidesteps the question of whether or not I would actually go rollerblading when the temperature is below 60 degrees.

ANYHOW... on to the links.

In self-promotional links:

I wrote up the second part of our NZ vacation.

The Lilies of Dawn is on sale for $0.99 at Kobo right now. This may only be in the US - I am not sure.

In addition, you can get Tattoo and Both Sides of My Skin for 40% off with the promo code 40FEB, but this may be limited to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

All Annorlunda ebooks are always sold DRM-free, so you can buy from Kobo and read on any ereader.

In other links.. I don't have a lot, partly because I've been really busy and partly because I was reading Exit West for my book club. I recommend it highly.

This is a good explanation of Hoda Muthana's case. Although she is perhaps not the most sympathetic person, I think we should be really careful about rendering a person stateless and the fact that the vagaries of citizenship laws around the world makes it relatively easy to render someone stateless should give us pause.

Finally, an answer to the question of why do zebras have stripes?

The Elizabeth & Clarke brand of women's clothing looks interesting... has anyone tried it?

In recommended listening... I found Ezra Klein's conversation with philosopher Kate Manne really interesting.

I'm really enjoying Maggie Smith's daily goals. In response to a question someone posted, she said she's writing them for herself, using social media as a way to remind herself of her goals as she's going through a divorce (along the same lines as my "make social media work for you" philosophy!) and it is a happy accident that so many other people are finding them useful.



  1. Socal dendrite7:56 PM

    I feel you on the weather!! I think a large part of it is that I'm not equipped for it any more: I don't really have a proper winter jacket and my thin rain jacket is 11 years old and showing it's age. Same with shoes etc - I mostly live in tennis shoes so my feet get all wet in the rain. But it's never wet/cold for long enough to bother getting better gear. at least, not until this year. I'm certainly ready for a return to the 60s/70s normal weather (we actually had a few flakes of snow here in Altadena yesterday and everyone went bananas, lol).

    1. Yes! We don't really have the gear to make it easy to deal with long periods of cold and rain, and we don't really have the space to store extra gear we'll need once every five years or so. So we just complain!


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