Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Good Day

Pumpkin got to spend the day in the bigger babies room again today. Her report said she was "adventurous, happy, and busy", and that she had a great day. She will almost certainly be officially moving to the new room in a couple of weeks. So all that hard work on the sippy cups paid off. She is clearly going to enjoy the new room. Not only do the get to go outside, but they also get to do art and dance and other fun things. I came home today with a construction paper rocket to which Pumpkin has glued bits of aluminum foil. Her report said she also enjoyed pretending to be in a rocket. I wish I could somehow see some of these activities without Pumpkin noticing me. What does a room full of young toddlers pretending to be in a rocket look like?

Since Pumpkin slept fairly well the last two nights, I felt like I could go out to my session and play some music tonight. It was good fun- I miss the music and I miss my friends. However, when I got home, Hubby said Pumpkin had been difficult to get down and may be suffering from gas. So we'll see if I regret the later bedtime tomorrow....


  1. Hello -- I'd like to see toddler rockets, too. My daughter is currenly all abuzz about 'deer carcass' and since we're vegetarian, I don't know what's going on ...

    Anyhow, I tagged you for a meme at my place.

  2. Yeah for pumpkin in the new room! I'm sure she'll do great. I'm glad you got most the issues worked out.


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