Thursday, June 05, 2008


Mimi tagged me to post six random things about myself. I'll do that post next week, because it has been a long week at work and I can't summon the energy to write a coherent post. Right now, I'd apparently rather post random things about Pumpkin's day.

Today, Pumpkin was "adventurous, busy, chatty, happy, and helpful". I'm really enjoying the reports from the bigger babies room. It is funny how happy they make me. I suspect I will be crushed the first time we get a report that said she was aggressive or uncooperative!

Pumpkin was adventurous when we got home, too. She insisted on practicing stepping in and out of our front door (which has a decent sized doorstep) until she could step in with no help, and out with just a hand on me for support. She likes to be out front so that she can see the cars go by, but it is a bit nerve-wracking for me, because she doesn't understand about the street yet, but also no longer wants to hold my hand. She pushes my hand off of hers when I try. So I was happy to stand by the front door for 10 minutes, opening our screen door after she had shut it, and watching her clamber in and out of the house.

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