Monday, June 23, 2008

Searching for Meaning

Every day, I drive past two wrecked cars on my way home. They are parked on the side of the main road I drive up after getting off the freeway. The side of one is bashed in, and the back of the other is crumpled. It looks a bit like the remains of an accident, in which a car broadsided the one parked car and forced it into the one parked in front of it. In fact, that is what I assumed had happened the first day I saw the cars. I thought, "some poor people are going to have a very unpleasant surprise when they return home."

That was two weeks ago. Now I just wonder why the cars are still there. Are they part of some sort of caution to other drivers, warning us to slow down as we drive up that hill? Have the cars' owners gone on an extended vacation, and are yet to receive their unpleasant homecoming surprise? Is it some sort of modern art installation?

And the bummer of it all is that I'll never know- it is not the sort of thing that gets written up in the newspaper.

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