Monday, May 10, 2010


So, Hubby was actually sick.

Since no one else here is sick, we suspect food poisoning from his take out hamburger.

I had solo baby duty last night. Petunia "only" woke up 3 times, but the 3rd time, she took about 40 minutes to get back down.

I had been looking forward to 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep, since Hubby was planning to do the first feeding with a bottle. Instead, I got about 5 hours total sleep.

I was almost jealous of Hubby as I dragged myself off to work today and he stayed home to rest.


  1. I so understand the "almost jealousy". Mothers tend to have to be very seriously sick to be able to take to bed uninterrupted, especially when they are breastfeeding.

  2. I had Norwalk last year. Two days of hourly vomiting. BUT, I got to stay in bed for 3 days straight, with a backlog of movies I had been meaning to watch. And Norwalk is highly infectious so DS was not allowed to come and bounce all over my bed. I dozed, and read, and watched movies, and barfed.

    It totally sucked.... but I kinda enjoyed it.

  3. Tate has a cold. He started coughing and he ended up throwing up all over his bed - I happened to be sleeping next to him, yay me. Anyway, I was dragging this morning. It's crazy how much you can handle when they are little (even if you think you can't take one more minute without sleep) and how quickly your mind blocks it out when that phase is over. But I still get a visceral feeling thinking about those nights of sleeplessness. PTSD or something. Hope your husband feels better soon and I hope Petunia gets past this round of teething sooner than later!!

  4. Hope your hubby gets better soon and that it isn't something that anyone else will get!


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