Sunday, May 02, 2010


Petunia is playing happily on her own- we got some "new" toys out of storage yesterday, and she is really enjoying the stacking rings and big, soft blocks. Pumpkin is still asleep, and Hubby just went back to bed. So I thought I'd take a moment before I make my breakfast to point out the new pages I've put up. Blogger has introduced the capability to create static pages, and of course I had to play with that.

I moved my housekeeping info (including my email address) to a page. I also created a book list. Right now, it only has my favorite parenting books and some kids books that we've found useful, but eventually I want to add some other categories.

Finally, I moved my notes on baby development from Google Docs to a page. I have a hard time remembering what milestones are coming up and when the known fussy times occur. So I finally started writing things down as I read about baby development. The notes are incomplete, but I've put them up in case they are helpful for anyone else.

Petunia's sleep continues to be mediocre- nowhere near as bad as Pumpkin's at this age, but nowhere near as good as I want it to be. So I'm tired and grumpy, and tend to use all my spare moments to sleep. That is why posting has been so sparse lately. Yes, I'm blaming it on the baby.

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  1. Don't you love that blogger now gives pages as an option? Great idea for putting parenting books up there. I'm totally stealing that idea!


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