Sunday, May 09, 2010

A Perfect Mother's Day.... Almost

If I describe my Mother's Day, it will sound perfect.

I had asked that I not have to cook at all today. Hubby is an excellent cook, but because I get home earlier and he is a slow cook, I do almost all of the cooking these days, and I wanted a break. Hubby went and bought take out for lunch, and he and Pumpkin made a nice pizza for dinner. (Yes, Mom and Dad, I got some pictures of this. But Pumpkin wouldn't eat any, which knocks the common advice of having her help with the cooking off of our list of things to do to get Pumpkin to eat more things. This did not surprise me- she's an enthusiastic helper whenever I make scones, but still won't eat them.)

We decided against a visit to any of the obvious family outing sort of places- we went to the Zoo on Mother's Day once and were overwhelmed by the crowds. It is far better to do that some other weekend. Still, we wanted to do something as a family. We settled on taking a trip to the farmer's market, something we've wanted to do with Pumpkin for awhile. We chose the market in Solana Beach, because it is a bit more spacious than some of the others in town, and this matters when you're going to be pushing  a stroller and herding an energetic three-year old through the crowds.

The market trip was successful. We bought some nice looking produce, discovered that we now have a local farm that produces grass-fed beef, and provided some free advertising to one of the stands selling strawberries. The man behind the stand saw Pumpkin eying the strawberries- they are her favorite fruit- so he gave her a sample. She bit right in. It is prime strawberry season here, so the strawberry was big, red, and juicy. Several people stopped to admire our darling little girl with strawberry juice dripping down her chin.  I think a few of them bought some strawberries, so that free strawberry served the farmer well.

(Pumpkin did not deign to try any new fruits or vegetables, despite several opportunities to do so. She didn't even look tempted. So there goes another suggestion for how to get Pumpkin to eat new things.... I was not surprised, and wasn't really expecting the farmer's market to magically turn her into a lover of fruits and vegetables, so that didn't really bother me.)

So why do I say the day was only almost perfect? Blame Petunia. She had been slowly improving her sleep again, and had dropped down to two wakings per night. She would nurse quickly and go right back down. Hubby was getting great sleep, and even I was doing OK. But for the last two nights, she has been up more frequently, and harder to get back down. Last night was particularly rough. I have that familiar fuzzy, almost sick tired feeling, and Hubby is doing even worse than I am. He is blaming the spectacular poop-splosion he dealt with this morning, but that's just because he's a bit funny about poop. I don't think Petunia is actually sick. The latest signs point to teething, which I am always a bit slow to suspect, because Pumpkin was never really bothered by teething. But Petunia is, and her two upper canines are slowly working their way in (yes, she has fangs). I think Hubby's sick feeling is due to being bone-tired.

I'm taking pity on Hubby and not asking him to do the first feeding tonight with a bottle, which was the original plan. Petunia seems to be sleeping better tonight that she did last night- she had already woken up several times by this point last night- so perhaps we will both luck out. We're off to bed now.

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  1. It does sound lovely. So sorry about Petunia's sleep. That teething is such a pain for all involved!

    My boy just got through the 46-48 (or something) week regression, and he's starting to do better with sleep again. Of course, I've totally just jinxed it...


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