Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Quick Thought

If you ever think that your partner isn't doing as much work as you are around the house, arrange to have him or her go on a week long business trip, and see what you think after that.

I'm only halfway through AND I have my mom here helping, and I am more convinced than ever than ever that Hubby does his fair share around here! I'll confess that Hubby and I sometimes have that conversation about who is slacking off and who is working too hard, but in reality, we're both doing our share. I think that once you add kids to the equation, it is easy to become convinced that your partner is slacking off. Surely if he was doing his share, you'd have more time to yourself!

I'd write more, but it is housecleaning week on our chores schedule, and I need to go clean the kitchen.


  1. You make a very good point. Still, I wish he would fix the toilet and clean the kitty litter boxes already! ;-)

  2. Haha, I KNOW my hubby works hard on the domestic/parenting front. I live in terror of the days that he does weekend wedding photography and I have to entertain the 2 year old AND somehow keep her fed all by myself! I can easily argue that I do a larger share of the overall chores, certainly a larger share of cleaning... but I have to cut the guy some slack, he is currently working not only a full-time IT job, but probably at least 30 hours/week in photography as he prepares to transition from an IT career to a photography one.

  3. Is Mr. Cloud at the ASFPM conference in Oklahoma City, too? Because my mom is here helping while my DH is away. Actually, she left this morning and I miss her already, although I got very little done while she was here. She's very helpful - cooking, cleaning - but when she's here I just want her to enjoy the kids and then we spend all the leftover time catching up, which leaves very little time for anything else. Which is fine, but like you said, it reminds me of just how much D does around the house, when I find myself in a panic, racing to get all the trash as the truck rumbles up the street. I should thank him when he gets home tomorrow. :)

  4. LOOOOVE my DH who grovery shops, cooks and does dishes. He says he'd rather do chores than have to entertain the kids since he gets worn out taking care of them after school. fine with me - pass the finger paint!


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