Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Beach Day

On Labor Day, we took what may be our last outing to our favorite beach for this season. It is not that September isn't a good beach month- it is in some ways the best beach month in San Diego, with warm weather and fewer crowds. But we're pretty busy this month, so we might not get back to our beach.

We like to go to Bonita Cove, which is on the part of Mission Bay that is closest to the ocean.

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This gives us the calm waters of the bay with a feeling that the water is somehow "fresher" because it is close to the mouth of the bay. I don't want to hear it if you can prove that we're deluded- we're rather attached to this location now.

As usual, Petunia headed straight for the water when we got there- this time, dragging our boogie board behind her like some sort of pet.

Unfortunately, it was not a particularly warm day (it even rained on us as we left the beach!) and neither girl really spent much time in the water. But the sand was still a lot of fun.

Petunia enjoyed burying and then uncovering Hubby's feet. Pumpkin played for quite awhile with the "river" she and Hubby had built.

I mostly just sat in the sand watched them play.

And even though the weather wasn't perfect for the beach, it may have been my favorite beach day of the year.

At least so far.


  1. Lovely description and photos.

  2. Love beach days! So strange to see dark sand.

  3. As a pale person, I prefer the cool cloudy days! :D

  4. @mom2boy - I thought the dark sand was strange too. Lake Michigan's sand is like pale, pale straw and unless actively raining tends to be dry a few feet from the water line (since there is no tide).

  5. What a lovely day!

  6. @mom2boy, @SarcastiCarrie- it is low tide. At high tide, the sand is lighter. I'm sure there is an explanation for that, but I don't know it.

  7. Great idea to avoid the crowds. I personally prefer a more secluded feel when we go out on these trips as well.


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