Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend Reading: The Follow Up Edition

I don't have much for you this weekend- work has been busy, and so has home, so I haven't been out and about on the internet as much as usual. I do have an interesting link related to the link I recently posted about how software is taking over the world- here is a post reminding those triumphant software companies that the "old way" companies won't all go down without a fight.

I've written before about the bisphenol A (BPA) issue. Here is an update, found via Marion Nestle- the EPA has done a study and found that humans eliminate BPA very efficiently, which means that the chances of a harmful level building up in our bloodstream are very low- and of course, as I've summarized before, there is still a very active debate about what level (if any) would be harmful. Of course, this is largely a moot point, since the market has spoken and BPA has mostly been removed from use. So- will they do a similar study on the various plastics that have replaced it?

And I've been sitting on this post from Marion Nestle about a new USDA initiative to develop a method to compensate traditional and organic farmers who are harmed by genetic drift from nearby genetically-modified fields. I've been waiting for it to fit the theme of a weekend reading post. I don't know if it ever will, so here it is now.

Also, Nicoleandmaggie have an interesting post up about the majority feeling oppressed by a vocal minority. There is lots to think about in that one. They are writing primarily about mothering issues (epidural vs natural, breastmilk vs formula), but I think the general principle will apply anytime there is a minority that passionately believes in its stance. Take the Tea Party, for instance....



  1. Anonymous3:53 AM

    We mentioned not mothering things! (TV, exercise) It's just that people tend to latch on to the mothering things. Because when children are involved society is more ok with being in your face about it. Grace, though, made a really good point about persecuted US Christians.

    The tea party is most vocal where it's the majority culture. Don't ask how I know that.

  2. I think Tea Party is probably used by some as a boogey man. I am a Tea Party sypathizer (and breastfeeder and non-husband's last name taker). I just think I should get to keep the money I earn. Like I said that one time, the only negative comments I've ever gotten on my blog were when I gave favorable marks to right-of-center political ideas.

    I really enjoyed the nicoleandmaggie post and read the whole thing and the comments. The only thing I wanted to add was what is the deal with people discounting the scientific evidence? If I say, "Nutritionally, breastmilk is superior to formula," that is just fact. It's not an indictment of formula-feeding. I freely admit that both of my kids drank formula, but breastmilk is better.

    (Oh, and I have a TV but no cable so we don't watch it too much but mostly because I don't think a lot of TV is great for people...not specifically related to parenting. Also, it's so loud and the lights are all bright and TV kind of freaks me out, but it's the best way to get my football on Sundays.)

    (Also, I totally ran that 5k in just under 40 minutes because I wanted how ?fast? I am or something.)


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