Sunday, September 04, 2011

I Have to Remember This for the Wedding Toast

Tonight, while I was giving her and Petunia a bath, Pumpkin informed me that she would be inviting Santa Claus to her wedding when she grows up. Because he would give her lots of gifts.

I have no idea where she learned that weddings and gifts go together- we shipped our gift ahead of time for the one wedding she's been to. But she was confident that inviting Santa Claus was a good idea, because everyone else would only bring one gift, and he would bring lots.

(Also puzzling: in our house, Santa brings each girl exactly one gift. So I'm not sure why she thinks he'll bring lots to her wedding.)

She then thought that maybe she should invite him to her birthday next year, for similarly materialistic reasons. I told her that he doesn't leave the North Pole except at Christmas time.

She nodded and seemed to move on. But a few minutes later, she looked up at me and said, "Mommy, I'll have to get married at Christmas, then."


  1. the milliner4:44 AM


  2. Anonymous7:10 AM

    We're not there yet. DC just heard about Santa Claus last Christmas, so the house was full of conversations like, "T says that Santa Claus is real." DC gets so much stuff from hir grandparents that I'm not sure ze understands the idea of wanting more stuff yet.

  3. Sounds like Pumpkin knows how to strategize! Too clever! I love it!!

  4. Too funny! What a charmer.

  5. she perhaps thinking that Santa Clause will bring gifts for everyone at the wedding?

    My little one announced that Santa was going to take her to Ottawa on vacation. Really not a clue what that was about!

  6. Wish I had thought of that!

  7. That's brilliant! And adorable and definitely a keeper of a story to tell later. I love the way their thought processes work to get to the end result they want.

  8. Love it! She's adorable and clever! And thinking ahead!

    I really wonder if she ends up with a Christmastime wedding. Who knows how our preferences for wedding dates first gets in our heads...

  9. Oh my, I love that she was smart enough to want to adjust the date to work around Santa's schedule.

    This is so precious. Thank you for sharing.


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