Sunday, September 18, 2011

Things I Love Right Now: Baby Talk

When Petunia says "beach", she makes the sign for "peach". I guess the words sound the same to her, and none of us know the sign for beach.

And I love how both of my kids say "thank you" right now, as demonstrated in the following recent conversation:

Pumpkin, to Petunia, after agreeing to turn off her show so that Petunia could watch the show she wanted: Say stank you, Petunia, say stank you.

Petunia: Gank oo.


  1. Anonymous4:41 PM


    I often wonder if DC will ever learn the sound for "r." It is really funny because he's just started learning Spanish and French in school, both of which have different "r" sounds and neither of which he can make.

  2. That's precious!!!

    DS likes to say "wazurt" instead of dessert. When DD wants anyone to go with her into another room somewhere, she imitates me slapping my thigh like I do when I call the dog in from outside and yells "COME!"

  3. Stank you - that was an awesome post to start my day.

    @Hush, I love the leg slapping! hahahah!

    DS told me the other day not to wrinkle my coffee cup on the table, because he didn't want me to to be a wrinklebug. (??) Took me a minute to figure out that he meant litter. And sometimes when they say such cute things I purposely don't correct them because it's too adorable.

  4. Zenmoo3:55 PM

    Those stories are all so cute!

    At the moment Moo says balala for banana. When she's excited about it, it becomes balalalala. Quite a few people in the family deliberately ask her if she wants a banana, just to hear her say balala.

    The other thing she does is wrap her arms around herself and say 'hug' - when she wants a hug or if she wants out of her stroller or high chair

  5. My favorite thing my 3 y.o. says lately is "What means..." instead of "what does that mean?" "What means 'delightful'?" he asked the other day. "What means 'Africa'?" etc.


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