Monday, October 09, 2017

A Bit of a Brain Dump

Warning: this is a rather pointless post.

I wanted to write a "real" post tonight. I thought I might pick up my trip story posts from our summer vacation. I'd like to finish those before Halloween!

Or I thought I might write something about the Gen X women's midlife crisis piece that everyone was talking about on my Twitter feed today. But appropriately enough, a combination of trying to catch up on work (and home!) tasks and a return of my terrible headaches has rendered a real post unlikely.

My headaches came back because I finished off a bottle of the "women over 50" multivitamins I've been taking (even though I am "only" 45!) because someone told me that maybe the magnesium in them would help with the headaches. I haven't had many bad headaches recently so I thought "no rush getting more!" Ha. I've had a terrible headache for the last four days. I stopped at the drugstore on my way home today and bought more multivitamins.

I also went to the dry cleaners because our dry cleaning has been sitting there ready to pick up for more than a week, and also we had more to drop off.

On Wednesday, I hope to take the kids to get their flu shots, and get mine, too. I also need to call and get an appointment to take my car in for its regular service, call for an eye doctor appointment, and make an appointment to get the mammogram I'm pretty sure I'm almost a year late getting. Oops.

But! I haven't let my asthma meds run out in ages, so that's something. And the itchy rash on my arms that I usually treat with a cream I've lost and have been trying to get the prescription renewed for seems to be going away on its own, so I guess I can stop trying to get my doctor and the pharmacy to sort out their communication problem on that one. Except now I have a new itchy spot on my arm, which I think came from the tape they put on after I gave blood last week. Since when has my skin been so sensitive?

On the work side, I just wrapped up a big project with my major client, which is nice because I brought it in pretty much exactly on time but is a bit sad because my income will take a hit while I work to get a new project ramped up. But at least there is a new project to ramp up, so I can't complain.

I'm in a release heavy period for Annorlunda Books, so I'm contacting lots of bloggers and other folks for reviews, which is good but time consuming. I have this cool new idea I want to work on... but I won't let myself work on it until I finish off some of the things I already have underway. I just cleared one card out of my in progress column tonight: I set up the email for the new Tungsten Hippo free ebook. Twice a year, I give a free short ebook to the subscribers to my Tungsten Hippo mailing list, and it was time for a new one. So soon, I'll have space to work on that shiny new idea....

Back on the home side... the first meeting of Petunia's Jr. Lego League team (which I am coaching!) was on Sunday, and it went well. At some point this week, I need to prepare for this Sunday's meeting, but I'm feeling a little less stressed by this undertaking now that I have one meeting done and the kids were all great.

Also, we don't have to worry about another birthday party until April, and I think we have Halloween outfits mostly under control, thanks to a gift of a doctor's outfit that Petunia got for her birthday and my mom's offer to make Pumpkin's Anne of Green Gables dress. I just need to figure out how best to dye Pumpkin's hair red for a day (and not more than a day....) and take her to find some lace up boots to complete her outfit.

So what I'm saying is that maybe things will settle back down to the usual level of busy instead of the "turn the knob to 11" level we've been at for the past month or so. Or at least that's what I tell myself.

For now, I'm off to read a bit before bed. My book club decided to read A Wrinkle in Time this month, and I am greatly enjoying re-reading it.

How are all of you doing?


  1. I need to get some magnesium.

  2. I read Wrinkle to my elder kiddo (he's 8) in anticipation of the upcoming movie (I try to make sure he experiences the books first for some of the best ones). It was a bit different than I remembered- there is other L'Engle I love more. But it was still very enjoyable! Reading L'Engle is one of the most important types of self-care in my toolbox.

  3. We have just been through the worst flu season in Australia in several years, with a number of young and healthy people dying, including children.
    I would urge your readers, if the flu shot is available, definitely take advantage of the opportunity and have it.
    One of the problems here has been that each flu season, they try and predict which strains might be the most important to guard against, and apparently they guessed slightly wrong here, so hopefully that will not be the case in your country this coming flu season.

  4. A lovely update in spite of your warning!

    We’ve been living with the knob cranked to 11 since the start of summer so I feel like we’ve sort of lost this year to house related business. We’ve finally moved, thank goodness that’s done, but it’s left me feeling like I’m drifting while I desperately try to get myself back on track with work and a steady home life routine. I don’t like this lack of willpower or drive one bit but I don’t know how to reenergize myself. So that’s where I am - a limp pile of relief and nerves.

  5. Anonymous5:31 AM

    Be very cautious of temporary wash-in dyes on young people's hair. I found something that was supposed to be wash-in and wash-out to dye my younger sister's hair orange for a day. It lasted a month.


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