Friday, October 20, 2017

Weekend Reading: The Weather Edition

I did not go for my rollerblade today. I was scared off by some intermittent sprinkles around the time I would usually go. I went for a short run in my neighborhood instead. Of course, when I got back from that, the sun came out. I would have been about halfway through my rollerblade if I'd gone, and it would probably have been a beautiful outing. Oh well. (What I should have done: opened up my Flowx app and checked on cloud cover and precipitation. I forget to do that because usually I don't need such info in San Diego....)

In self-promo links today... I'm trying to make my Annorlunda social media presence a little more interactive. So today, I asked a question:

I asked the same question on Facebook. Come answer if you are so inclined (and on either of those platforms).

In friend-promo links: Academaze author Sydney Phlox is writing short fiction now! She's writing under the pseudonym Maura Yzmore and she's on Twitter and has an author page. Check out her stories!

On to the usual doom and gloom links:

There's been a lot written about the Weinstein revelations. All of it is worth your time, but I can't bring myself to link to everything. Instead, I'll link to the response that best captures how I feel: Men of the world: You are not the weather, by the excellent Alexandra Petri.

This article about Kagan and Gorsuch is really extraordinary.

This article about Trump voters who were in Harvey's path being unsure if the people in Puerto Rico should get the same federal help they and their neighbors got made me so mad. And it also made me sad, because it is another example of why there's a good chance Trump will get re-elected.

A friend introduced me to the More Perfect podcast awhile back and it is really great. I may or may not have linked to the episode about the political thicket argument before, which would be the one episode I'd have you listen to if you're only going to pick one. I recently listened to both of the American Pendulum episodes, and those are worth your time, too.

This is amazing:

This rabbit looks like he's telling that dog to shut up already:

That's all I have this week! Have a good weekend, everyone.


  1. “it is another example of why there's a good chance Trump will get re-elected.”

    This almost made me throw up. I don’t disagree because I’m not seeing nearly enough change and people’s racism hasn’t ebbed one iota so it’s more likely than I want to contemplate. But that it’s a possibility at all makes me sick to my stomach just as much as his election did.

  2. Thanks for the friend-promo link! xykademiqz/Sydney Phlox/Maura Yzmore

    (I know, all the pseudonyms are a bit nutty. But fun!)


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