Monday, April 04, 2011

Next, I Expect a Plague of Locusts

Petunia is feeling better now, but had to stay home from day care today. Luckily, my parents (and Hubby's parents!) are in town for Pumpkin's birthday, so we had babysitters on hand. Hubby left work early, though, to take Petunia to the doctor.

At about 4:15, my office phone rings, and it is my parents, telling me that not long before Hubby got home, out bathrooms (which share a wall) were invaded by a swarm of bees. Yes, really. Hubby called an exterminator, and they were just finishing up by the time I got home. Apparently, they had come in through an incompletely plugged hole for some plumbing. My parents said that the noise in the bathrooms was quite loud, and that the inside windows were covered with bees. I'm almost sorry that I missed it all. Almost.

Meanwhile, the sleep strike continues here, although we seem to have now moved on to intermittent action, reminiscent of the rotating "chaos" strikes favored by airline employees. Some nights, both girls go down fairly easy, we get our chores done and maybe even have time for a beer before we go to bed. Tonight, it is 1.5 hours after Petunia's bedtime and 45 minutes after Pumpkin's bedtime, and no one is asleep yet.

Still, all is not bad here. When I arrived at day care today, Pumpkin was spinning around near one of the teachers, listening to music and doing an airplane dance, per the instructions in the song. The teacher told me that she'd been dancing to the music ever since they came out on the playground that afternoon. She looked so happy and carefree, I had to smile, even though I knew we were headed home to an infestation of bees.

Petunia came home from the doctor all smiles, too. (The doctor found nothing but the usual slightly red throat, which was no surprise. We now have a referral to an ear-nose-throat specialist.) Petunia insisted on going outside to play, and Pumpkin was happy to go, too. Petunia is quite the outdoors girl these days. This morning, she was signing hat and shoes (which is her way of saying she wants to go outside) as soon as she got down from her breakfast.

After dinner, I tried to get Pumpkin to help me get the house straightened up- the cleaner comes on Wednesday. We have our family birthday party for Pumpkin tomorrow night, so we want to clean up as much as we can tonight. Pumpkin decided to fold up one of her blankets and store it in a cubby. As soon as Petunia saw that blanket unfurled, though, she came toddling over to play. They played together with the blanket for at least 10 minutes, laughing all the time. They were having so much fun that I couldn't bring myself to make them stop so that Pumpkin could finish helping me tidy up. I wonder if that was Pumpkin's plan all along?


  1. Passover isn't for another 2 weeks, so you get a bit of a breather before the locusts. Although there might be frogs first. Heads up!

  2. @OneTiredEma, that's a relief! Frogs might be a hit here. Pumpkin's current favorite song is "Pollywog in a Bog" (by the Barenaked Ladies)....

  3. Ugh, ugh, ugh on the bees!! I hate those things, so that would be one of my worst nightmares. I hope it is taken care of!

  4. Bees?? WTF?!!! Oh man, that sucks.

    I'm sure it won't spoil the part though. I'm really impressed that both sets of grandparents care enough to be there for the big party - that is super sweet. And I can't believe she's turning 4. And that Petunia is 18 months old already. Wow.

  5. i love that the girls played with a blanket for 10 minutes, giggling all the while. sometimes it's the simplest things that f gets into, like a paper towel tube or a spool of thread, and there is something so pure about it. very sweet!


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